Homemade Engine Run Stand

Raw materials as picked up from MetalSupermarkets.com. They have a reasonably local office about 15 minutes away, and the owner is really cool. Doesn't charge me for cuts as long as there aren't too many. All prices are by weight, so having them cut square tubing to size is real convienent.

Making one of four caster pads, so the stand can roll around. Not too sure if I'll be able to push this stand around with a fully dressed 460 on it but I can at least try.

The bottom frame, upside down, being welded. Beads ground. Lots of grinding.

Casters mounted, making it much easier to roll around while working on it. As usual, rain comes and goes so having casters mounted at this point is nice, I can shove it under my truck as necessary until the uprights are on.

First pair of uprights, and homemade radiator supports. This radiator is from my F350, as I recently replaced it with a 460 radiator. For a run stand its good enough. Sits a little low, but who cares.

Now it's raining, so I've violating the cardinal rule of safety - welding in the garage.

Cut pieces for motor mounts. While this looks very hokey (actually it is!), the idea behind such bracketry is to enable me to mount different engines just by making new mounts for different engines I want to put on the stand. After I finish the twin-turbo 460 project, I'll be going back to the mid-engined GTP car take II, which will be twin-turbo rover based.

Mounts finished, out of 1/4" steel. Should be solid enough not to bend or twist to much. I guess I'll find out. Since I don't intend to have the engine run at redline, this should be fine. If not, I'll make new ones out of something thicker, or possible box these in.

Yep, they hold, and this is attached to a homemade crossmember.

The engine is still supported by the engine crane, while I'm welding up the crossmember.

Crossmember detail.

Crossmember bracing. Since the engine will torque this sideways, I felt bracing is a good idea. Probably unnecessary, but for $5 worth of additional steel and 10 minutes worth of welding, why take a chance. The last thing I need is a running 460 rolling around my driveway.

Two coats of primer. You might notice I was a little lazy in grinding off the beads. At some point, I decided "why bother" since its a lot of work and they don't hurt anything.

Ford blue! Why? Because I had four cans of it sitting around. Being cheap, I often recycle stuff.

Gratuitis close up shot.

Engine on stand. I put a piece of plywood across the top of the intake valley, stacked a few layers of patio bricks, then climbed on risking life and limb. It rocks forward and back because there are no other mounting points other than the engine mounts, I have to make another crossmember for the transmission when it arrives. Any day now :)